Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A day to remember :)

Today is 07/07/10 ... I remember this day because 3 years exactly on 07/07/07 I wrote the last exam of my VTU , Bachelors. I have traveled a long way since then. I have graduated my Masters, had work experience with HP. Now I have a different job to take care of and I see myself having changed from a young girl to responsible woman. I can see the post written by me 3 years back.. how I was relieved from the VTU and no more exams... only to realize now those were the golden days of student life. Life is good and changed in different ways .... still I miss the good old student life during my Bachelors with VTU.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dont wanna forget this Day!!!

I find myself on top of the world.... I will never forget this day! It is showing me how good times and success look like. I have a job in hand and am getting several offers and my life is going pretty good all settled. I have a very understanding wudbe... I am very lucky for it. I thank God for all the happiness he has given to me and I would definitely keep these things in mind and make a difference to the society.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Blank without work

After the busy days of working and slogging .... there all of a sudden I find myself completely free.. not having much work to do.. just time...
eating sleeping and watching movies wont help... brain needs constant thinking to be healthy... so I am writing this blog post after a long time...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Experience with GPS

Was busily working on my assignment which had submission later on the day, munching on some food... suddenly phone rings ... "S" calls up and starts describing how frustrated she was with her manager and said she desperately needs a break. Suddenly we both remembered the long pending movie plan, after convincing myself to finish my assignment on time and also plan for the movie... "S" suggests a different idea that we go out for dinner rather than risk my assignment for the movie. We made arrangements , with me giving final touches to my assignment left for the bus.Sitting in the bus chit chatting we reached the station. the moment we got down we could not figure out the route alas! .. we were lost... those huge roads fly overs everywhere... were wondering if we would really make it. Suddenly i remembered having a GPS borrowed from "Sh" for my car driving. I was wondering whether it would work... immediately switched it switches on.. and wowwww.... showed us the route. Amazing fact that the GPS was used for walking to the restaurant. .. awesome experience.. as we were completely lost without it. followed the GPS and reached the restaurant and finally were damn hungry.. ate to the fullest extent... enjoyed every bit...and walked back to the bus ...

GPS made our day! Hats off to you :)

Monday, March 01, 2010

Being in Dallas, frequent changes in weather has become a part of life. Every other day , rain, every other day sunshine. It varies from bright sunny in the morning to cold, rain in the evening. Having been in the midst of the semester, suddenly i hear snow predictions one day. From my experience on weather forecasts, never took it seriously. The next morning I see a shouting "S" trying to wake up everyone for sometime, excited about something. Slowly i open my eyes to see something unusual, something white, cant believe it for a minute......... and then wooo hooooo I saw the huge big field in front of my home as visible from the balcony completely white filled with snow. Looked like a dreamland, all trees turned white, roads cars field everything was filled with snow. Filled my heart with pleasure as it was my dream to see snow and play with it. Just touched the white snow on the balcony with two fingers feeling it is more precious than gold or diamonds, felt it and cherished it for . I had seen it , atlast, my dream land kind of. Soon I could see some people around with snow pants and stuff barge into the snow, playfully throw at each other, enjoying to the fullest.
Here and there I could see snowmans rising in the snow with their long pointy noses ..........

Monday, November 02, 2009

"ing" thing

Waking brushing bathing cooking packing hurrying running - listening writing chatting discussing submitting- eating working talking - walking gathering meeting exchanging leaving- tiring drinking enjoying relaxing browsing -studying frustrating- sleeping :) :)

---My daily routine summed up

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cooking ... hmmmm .. yummy food

One most beautiful hobbies which in turn helps back is cooking. I, being a beginner just an year back, had not entered the kitchen even with severe scoldings of mom. But now, out of necessity I see the enormous interest built up in me. Initial mishaps with cooking - burnt vessels, high flames, fire fight, weird taste foods, unknown dishes - all were part and parcel of everyday cooking. Now the situation changed with me getting close to a professional cook ( Do u believe it? :) ). Various dishes with recipes from all directions have become a routine. Now that me and my roommates had parties at home where we cooked for several of our friends, I have got accustomed to cook good food.